At GRB Fencing we offer a range of security fencing and perimeter security. Our security fencing systems are supplied to suit your specific requirements.

Having secure fencing is a vital step in preventing uninvited intruders from accessing your buildings and grounds and to stop unwanted access to your property when it is unoccupied. We can supply fencing which will meet specific requirements to surround and secure industrial warehouses, sizeable open spaces, small areas, schools and residential homes.

GRB offer a range of robust, well-designed products incorporating the strength and security required to provide effective performance combined with a pleasing appearance ensuring they provide the total protection to your property.

Our range of fencing systems is designed to cover almost every category of the modern fencing marketplace. We also supply a range of bollards to protect buildings, fences and gates.

Our fencing teams are experienced in installing all high-security fencing and commercial fencing systems including steel palisade, rigid mesh panels, chain link fencing, and welded mesh fencing.

As part of our exacting commitment to health and safety all installations will come with a comprehensive method statement and risk assessment. We will willingly provide weekend, out of hours and holiday time work on your site if you wish.

Chain link fencing is a versatile and easy to erect system suitable as a boundary marker or a permanent security fence. To deter unauthorised access, fence spikes and anti-vandal scaling barriers can be added to metal fencing and walls and offer a high degree of protection. Barbed wire and tape can also be added to the top of fences.

Bow top railings can turn perimeter fencing into a more satisfying feature and is mainly seen in public and recreation areas such as schools and parks, and our high-quality galvanised steel, ready to install modular railings and gates are a cost-effective way to quickly and easily erect long runs of railings.
In addition, we offer general-purpose wire netting suitable for agricultural applications.

Steel can provide a rigid fencing system with a high level of protection at a reasonable cost and is available in a galvanised or polyester coated finish.

Palisade systems can range from low to high security fencing, depending on the steel thicknesses and profiles and the fixing systems specified.
Palisade systems feature tamper resistant fixings and are ideally suited for electric fencing and highly recommended by insurance companies.

Rigid mesh fencing panels are extremely versatile as they cater for all security categories. GRB Fencing can supply and install your perfect solution.
Systems range from low height open mesh panels to secure anti-cut, anti-climb systems. Rigid mesh fencing makes the ideal partner to CCTV/surveillance systems, and in situations where supervision is required.

Bow Top Fencing and Gates is extremely strong and lighter than traditional solid steel, making it ideal for segregation and access.

Traditional wrought iron railings combined with the strength and durability of galvanised or galvanised and powder coated steel and provides a great security solution.

Strong and adaptable, Estate Railing and Estate Fencing is a cost-effective alternative to traditional flat bar railings. Perfect for boundary separation.

This welded hollow tubular and solid pale construction offers strength and visibility, making it an ideal roadside barrier for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Our Steel Estate Gates are fabricated with tubular rails to match the strength of a wrought iron gate. Designed to provide security to your property or field, our gates can also be custom made to suit your application.

Our Wall Railings provide the ideal solution to extending the height of your walls whilst also allowing for visibility that a solid wall would otherwise obstruct.

Wherever you need to clearly demarcate space or provide a high level of discreet, simple security. We offer a range of concrete bollards; steel bollards or polyurethane bollards and security posts are not only functional but come in a variety of styles to enhance any location.

We offer a wide range of both Galvanised and Powder coated steel bollards and posts, served with exceptional quality and strength. Galvanised steel is ideal for situations where barrier strength is key, such as when used for protected parking, pedestrian walkways or ram-raid deterrence.

Concrete bollards and posts are known for their strength, durability and economy. They are fully reinforced and provide effective perimeter protection and security whilst also being a very cost-effective option.

Solid timber bollards can be used to give a more natural look and blend into surroundings. Within playing fields, country parks and ornamental gardens, square cut round timber posts – a hardwood bollard subtly does the job, separating pedestrians from traffic, defining paths and always blending in beautifully.

Anti-ram raid bollards are reinforced with two internal steel tubes to further increase the strength of the bollard. These cores are exceptionally strong and will not fracture on impact. Available in steel, stainless steel and polyurethane.

As effective as any removable or fixed bollard, a clean hoop design gives these highly functional fixed and removable barriers a sculptural quality. Removable hoop barriers are often used for perimeter protection in retail parks, car parks and garage forecourts. Each barrier is locked into place using a push button lock which makes the barriers quick and easy to remove.

Fixed Hoop Barriers are often used as an alternative to fixed bollards in environments such as garage forecourts, retail parks and car parks. Permanent hoop barriers are also available in varying lengths.

GRB Fencing have a wide range of traffic barriers and car park barriers to suit different types of premises and projects. They are available in different lengths, finishes and colours and different installation options. Removable Barriers can be installed to allow for occasional vehicle access or alternatively a root-fixed installation will allow for maximum strength and protection from impacts and collisions.

Folding bollards and collapsible posts; both are easy to install and offer a cost-effective solution to providing controlled restricted access. A folding bollard is best suited to locations where vehicle access is not required all of the time or where authorised access needs to be restricted.

Retail Parks, Shops and Cash Machines are often targets of ram-raids. We offer a wide range of anti-ram security products that offer even more strength and durability to help you protect your premises further.

GATES: are an ideal solution to provide a light and airy access point whilst keeping your garden or fenced premises secure and private. We have a selection of gates available for wooden fencing solutions. Gates are available with a variety of closing solutions such as latches or locks which are ideal for security of all levels, from public premises to a private garden.

Wooden garden gates or fencing gates are available and in stock to match or compliment your new or existing fencing solutions.

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