Acousting Barrier Fencing

With the growing demand for reducing noise pollution in our densely populated modern world, look no further for an acoustic solution. GRB Fencing has a range of acoustic fences available that are designed to reduce problematic noise whilst offering an naturally attractive and stylish façade. We offer acoustic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial uses including school, highway and railway applications. As well as being able to reduce noise levels by as much as 32 decibels in laboratory conditions*, acoustic fencing boards also provide an excellent security aspect due to their completely flat face making climbing difficult and being available in a range of heights, designed to satisfy all demands. Acoustic fencing is also popular for domestic demand – from reducing intrusive traffic noise to minimising the impact of noisy neighbours. Matching high grade acoustic gates are also available for supply and installation in a range of designs and sizes. Whether you require the sound to be kept in or out of your premises, GRB Fencing can provide you with the perfect noise barrier to suit your needs.