Close Board Panel Fencing

Close board panel fencing is one of our most demanded choice of fence due to being very cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, readily available and easy to install, sturdy and durable whilst also providing privacy and the assurance of a perimeter around your garden. Close board panel fencing is visually similar to close board fencing; however, this type of fencing is pre-made in panel form and is consequently a cheaper option. These traditional wooden panels are 1830mm (approx. 6ft) wide and are available in a variety of heights to suit your needs.

These panels are then fixed into posts and gravel boards. As well as being visually pleasing, this timber fencing type will keep small pets inside its borders and is a good solution to protecting delicate plants form strong winds. GRB fencing supplies and installs wooden and concrete gravel boards and post – depending on your personal preference and requirements, the choice of post and gravel board material will affect the cost. All close board panels GRB fencing supply are fully framed and pressure treated to ensure durability, strength and a long-life span, as well as our 5 year guarantee. If you’re looking for an affordable yet visually pleasing classical timber fence to surround your garden, close board panel fencing is the perfect solution.