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GRB Fencing specialises in supplying, manufacturing and installing every type of timber fencing; from traditional wooden garden fences to modern commercial, estate, residential developments and agricultural uses. Timber fencing is good value and versatile yet durable and aesthetically pleasing. All fences can be supplied and adjusted to suit any requirement, demand, personal preference, design, size and finish.

GRB fencing provides an efficient and flexible service from start to finish– we will install your fence at a pre-arranged time and date that is convenient for you. Our team of fencing experts are highly experienced, from delivering your products to installation; you will receive a truly professional service. We are well stocked with a wide range of fencing products ready to be supplied and installed; please see below for a few of the timber fencing options we provide.

All of GRB fencings timber products are made from high-quality soft timber and sourced from sustainable sources. All of our wood is fully pressure treated first before assembly to ensure a durability and longevity – making them the best performing solution, as stated in our 10 year timber fencing guarantee.

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Close board fencing, also known as feather board, is one of our most popular wooden fence type for homes and gardens. Built using posts and arris rails with featheredge boards which are affixed vertically, each partially overlapping. This eye-catching fence type provides an uninterrupted, flawless border at a reasonable price. Known for its strength and versatility, this traditional design is suitable for all domestic and commercial divisions whilst maintaining a certain level of privacy and rebuffs outdoor noise. Sawn with precision, each individual component is assembled on site and can be made to various heights and maximum width of 3 metres centres, resulting in a neater finish. With your requirements and preferences in mind – GRB fencing offers a spirit-based finishing product in a variety of colours. The standard posts for this style of fencing are mortice, however GRB fencing also offers V-notched posts which provide a seamless, uninterrupted finish as the posts cannot be seen from the face of the fence. Similarly, close board fencing also comes in a panel form (see Close board panel fencing).

For more information, a free quotation or simple just some advice please do not hesitate to get in touch: call us on 02089 457121 or send us an email at grbfencing@hotmail.com.


Close board panel fencing is one of our most demanded choice of fence due to being very cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, readily available and easy to install, sturdy and durable whilst also providing privacy and the assurance of a perimeter around your garden. Close board panel fencing is visually similar to close board fencing; however, this type of fencing is pre-made in panel form and is consequently a cheaper option. These traditional wooden panels are 1830mm (approx. 6ft) wide and are available in a variety of heights to suit your needs.

These panels are then fixed into posts and gravel boards. As well as being visually pleasing, this timber fencing type will keep small pets inside its borders and is a good solution to protecting delicate plants form strong winds. GRB fencing supplies and installs wooden and concrete gravel boards and post – depending on your personal preference and requirements, the choice of post and gravel board material will affect the cost. All close board panels GRB fencing supply are fully framed and pressure treated to ensure durability, strength and a long-life span, as well as our 5 year ?? guarantee. If you’re looking for an affordable yet visually pleasing classical timber fence to surround your garden, close board panel fencing is the perfect solution.


Larch lap, also known as overlap and waney edge panels, is a basic, robust traditional pre-made wooden fence that slots into the supporting posts. The standard width or larch lap panels is 6ft but can be produced in a variety of heights to suit you specific needs. Although this is one of GRB Fencings cheaper fencing solutions, this does not impact the quality or rigidity– being fully framed on all edges and pressure treated ensures a long performance, with the backing of our 15 year guarantee. A bonus feature of this type of fence is the choice to add trellis to the top to create extra decoration and height. Ideal for garden boundaries, these panels offer and economic and traditional fencing solution.


Fancy adding a little extra style and personalisation to your garden, driveway or commercial property? From various screening options to a range of lattice and trellis fences, GRB Fencing can supply and install the ideal border to your property. GRB Fencing supplies and installs all manner of decorative fencing. From your popular horizontal lattice-topped panels to concaved, arched, vertical hit+miss panels or omega-latticed designs, GRB Fencing will bring your garden borders to life with our high quality and long lasting products.

Decorative fencing panels are a popular option for garden boundaries, such as trellis fencing which provides a solid border to ensure privacy and security whilst providing support for climbing plants. Trellis fencing can be used as an entire panel (with many sizes and patterns to choose from) or just as an additional topping to traditional fencing panels. It is a common decorative option which allows more light into the garden and can also be attached to walls to provide a route for creeping plants. As well as its obvious decorative elements, by adding lattice trellis to fence tops also provides additional privacy and security t your property. You can choose from straight trellis with a flat top or curved top trellis – both elegant and appealing yet sturdy. It can also be attached to walls at produce a natural concealment – often used to hide undesirable brickwork. Concave or convex, from square trellis, to arched lattice, to diamond trellis, GRB fencing can supply and install the perfect trellis for you. As with all of GRB Fencings timber products, the wood is pressure treated during manufacturing to guarantee long life and durability and protection against rot and fungi. Have a look at some of the decorative fencing options GRB Fencing can provide.


Picket fencing is an ideal option if you are looking for a cost-effective decorative fence to border your garden or property. This traditional style of fencing is constructed from timber picket pales affixed to a rail with gaps in between the pales to allow vast amounts of light through. Picket fencing is a great option for a subtle yet stylish border, usually used in front gardens to protect garden features. Depending on the type and style of picket fence, the degree of visibility and amount of light and air that passes through can be adjusted to suit your privacy demands. The main classic styles are composed of either rounded, pointed or flat tops and can be supplied at a range of heights. GRB Fencing also provides a range of matching picket gates in varying heights and tops which can be fabricated to any requirement. As with all of GRB Fencings timber products, the wood is pressure treated during manufacturing to guarantee long life and durability and protection against rot and fungi.


With the growing demand for reducing noise pollution in our densely populated modern world, look no further for an acoustic solution. GRB Fencing has a range of acoustic fences available that are designed to reduce problematic noise whilst offering an naturally attractive and stylish façade. We offer acoustic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial uses including school, highway and railway applications. As well as being able to reduce noise levels by as much as 32 decibels in laboratory conditions*, acoustic fencing boards also provide an excellent security aspect due to their completely flat face making climbing difficult and being available in a range of heights, designed to satisfy all demands. Acoustic fencing is also popular for domestic demand – from reducing intrusive traffic noise to minimising the impact of noisy neighbours. Matching high grade acoustic gates are also available for supply and installation in a range of designs and sizes. Whether you require the sound to be kept in or out of your premises, GRB Fencing can provide you with the perfect noise barrier to suit your needs.


Site hoarding is a robust temporary fencing solution which is easy to install and provides strength, privacy and security to the perimeter of your premises, commonly used during demolition and construction works. GRB Fencing provides and innovative range of Site hoarding to suit your exact specifications. From permanent steel wall hoarding to temporary timber plywood hoarding, GRB Fencing will provide a safe and secure environment for sites for any sized building or construction site. Additionally, our range of hoarding accessories, including stabilisers and block trays and anti-lift fence brackets significantly increase their wind resistance. If you are unsure about which type of hoarding is most suitable for the perimeter of your site, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for some advice. We’re also accredited by key industry bodies including CHAS.


Deer fencing offers a large-scale solution for protecting young trees and shrubs, or safeguarding animals and stock from all breeds of deer. This type of fencing provides durability and strength and is a comprehensive secure barrier to protect your premises from predators and other external dangers. GRB Fencing can undertake small and large scale projects; offering a range of fencing solutions, from plastic mesh deer fencing, to high tensile galvanised deer fence to Tornado deer fencing. Our deer fencing net is supplied on a 100m long roll and is lightweight yet robust, making it quick, easy and cost effective to install. For more information, a free quotation or simple just some advice please do not hesitate to get in touch: call us on 02089 457121 or send us an email at grbfencing@hotmail.com.

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